What I Learned My 1st Year of Marriage

I had great intentions of writing a post about what I learned from my first year of marriage. I even asked some of my friends to weigh in on the subject, so I could share the love in terms of advice. One particular (and so very gracious) friend, Katie, who will be celebrating her first wedding anniversary in September, volunteered to share her thoughts. When I received the e-mail, I gasped. And then I immediately asked if I could share and give her the credit, because she did a better job than I ever could.

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by for us. For the longest time, my reply when people would ask when we got married would be, “This past August.” It took me awhile to realize that saying this in June would result in people giving me puzzled looks. I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. This past year has been an incredible experience of changes, growth and love, and I am so excited for many, many more.

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Advice to my Younger Self, Series

Travel More

Whenever I return from a trip, whether its a weekend getaway or an overseas endeavor, I am instantly planning my next one. Without fail. I have the travel bug, and the only cure is the hair of the dog. I believe we are all born with the desire to travel, that can only be activated by getting outside our comfort zones and seeing new parts of the world. In this installment of advice to my younger self, it would be to travel more.

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Flight Essentials

I actually look forward to plane flights. I know it may seem weird, but I love that I have an allotted amount of downtime reserved for whatever my heart desires. Whether it’s reading a new book, catching up on movies I have in my queue or chatting with my travel partner, the excuse to focus on whatever I want is so rewarding. I have found that the biggest thing is being prepared for this time. Having been on a few long flights, I have recognized the need for entertainment options, and some clutch beauty necessities. I compiled a list of my favorite flight essentials that I would love to have in my carry on.

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Trader Joe's
Series, Trader Joe's Weekly Haul

Trader Joe’s Weekly Haul no. 12

I have been enjoying being home on Sundays lately, where I can go on a long run in the morning, lounge around and lazily walk through Trader Joe’s in the afternoon. Since I haven’t been in a rush grabbing only the “regulars,” to get in and out quickly, I have been able to venture out and try a few new things. Here are a few items I have bought recently that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

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A Guide To:, Series

A Guide To: Positano

Positano is a gorgeous city perched on the ocean facing the mountains of the Amalfi Coast. It was one of the most romantic and beautiful cities we visited on our trip, with stairs that will take you anywhere your heart desires. It was incredible to come into this city from Naples, down all of the winding roads to view the sparkling ocean and the many colorful dwellings perched on the cliff sides. After a long day of traveling, setting my eyes on Positano’s and all of its charm is a moment that I will never forget.

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My 15-Minute Travel Beauty Routine

While traveling, I believe in making the most of the time that I’m there. One way for me to quickly prepare for the day and hit the cobblestoned pavement was to cut down on my morning routine. Typically, I am known to take quite a while to get ready (in reality I spend too much time browsing blogs in the a.m.), but I did not want to carry this over to our honeymoon. I found that by limiting the products (and time spent on the net!), I could complete my routine in less than 15 minutes without sacrificing any of the beauty.

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A Value Driven Life

It’s interesting how you hear about so many concepts, ideas or things on a daily basis, but the ones that tend to stick, or that you see everywhere are the ones that have your conscious attention. We did an activity during a work meeting recently regarding our core values, and now I see articles and exercises for core values everywhere. I found it very helpful and thought I would share the new knowledge I have gained with you.

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