A Christmas List

There is something so special about this time of year. While we were in Iceland, despite it being November, the streets and storefronts were lined with Christmas decorations (and a light dusting of snow to boot). It made the experience of walking through Reykjavik that much more memorable. I really enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit all December long and taking full advantage of each and every cookie, cocktail and movie I can until January 1st. We already put up our tree, sticking to our tradition I talked about here, and additionally, I compiled a personal list of various Christmas related things I would love to do the remainder of the month.


It’s a Wonderful Life, a classic.

-Elf. This will get you through until your next viewing.

-Don’t judge me, but I watch this made-for-TV-movie every year. Typically with a glass of wine and cookie dough. Don’t judge.

-And Love Actually, because it’s my favorite. And then there’s this article that ranks every storyline of the movie, just for kicks.


Chocolate Crinkles because they remind me of my childhood and What’s Gabby Cooking never fails.

-This Crockpot Fudge recipe looks easy and incredibly delicious.

Chocolate Holiday Truffles, ’nuff said. (And they’re no bake!)

-And finally, because I make these Reindeer Cookies every year and kids adore them.


-This 60-foot tree in person. Swoon.

-At some point in my life, I would love to see this ballet, in that city.

-To support my local artists and shops, this would be a chance to score one-of-a-kind gifts.

-Use this website to find the best Christmas light displays in your area. Note to self, bring below spiked hot chocolate for warmth.


-This Spiked Hot Chocolate sounds like the perfect drink to keep you warm

-Because I can never resist a Moscow Mule, especially with a festive twist. Recipe here.

-I want the smell of this Mulled Wine recipe to permeate my entire home. Ina Garten is more than welcome to join too.


This song on repeat. Please tell me I am not the only one.

-I have been loving this Spotify playlist entitled Christmas Cocktails. It’s a perfect mix of old and new.

-A folksy-whimsical-sensual duo (one half being Zooey Deschanel!) that produces some incredible tracks, including this Christmas album

-I recently found this Lumineers ‘Blue Christmas’ cover.


-If I am going to be stuck inside, why not read this spooky true story about the 1893 World’s Fair, and how a serial killer used it as a means to lure his victims. What could go wrong?

-I started reading this memoir recently. It’s a personal account of a man who was raised by in the culture of Kentucky “hill people” (aka hillbillies). It’s an eye-opening look at not only race, but class in America, and analyzes the white working class Americans, and how it may have contributed to the current state of our Union. It’s a great way to spark a dinner conversation this Christmas (although no guarantees it doesn’t get politically heated…)

-How cute does this book look for children? I am a fan of the Llama Llama series and have a feeling this one wouldn’t disappoint.

-And because I don’t know why I haven’t read this yet, but I need to soon. Preferably with one of the above cocktails, a crackling fire and light Christmas music in the background.


Wishing you all the best this holiday season & beyond,


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