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This Week: 3 Healthy Changes to Achieve Balance

I wrote earlier this week about my resolution to strive for balance this year. I decided that it would be easiest for me to make small changes each week to gain momentum. This week, I opted for 3 simple healthy changes that I knew could be achievable and would produce noticeable benefits in my week. Since I ended up feeling more relaxed, yet energized this week, I thought I would share these 3 changes with you.

1. Popeye-ing my Morning Routine

I am a creature of habit and typically have the same thing for breakfast each morning. I shared about my morning smoothie in this blog post. I decided to keep my routine the same, because- hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it– but I mixed it up and channeled my inner Popeye by adding spinach. Spinach in smoothies is super delicious, you just have to get past the color change 🙂 It adds a subtle sweetness, and so many health benefits. It was a simple trick that will pay off significantly, easily increasing the amount of veggies in my diet.

2. Busting the Dinnertime Blues

I typically work through my lunch break, so I have no trouble planning ahead for that meal. Where we really struggled was towards the end of last year in planning for dinners. We would often end up opening the fridge and shutting it again, unable to make a decision on what to eat. Cue ordering take out, or whipping up a frozen meal for many, many nights in a row. I spent some time browsing the internet earlier this week to help us bust out of our dinnertime rut.

This week, we whipped up an arugula, gnocchi and walnut salad, sweet potato and black bean tacos, this easy and yummy baked chicken recipe, and roasted butternut squash. I picked recipes that were easy, moderately healthy, and required few ingredients. I wanted to make it as effortless as possible to swing back into cooking every night this week. And, it was a success.

Next week, I really want to try this fettuccine, with kale, caramelized onions and goat cheese recipe. It’s only 5 ingredients and combines a few of my favorite food items.

3. Adding Suspense to Afternoon Walks

I used to be a person that only considered spin classes, running and cardio kickboxing as legitimate forms of exercise. I have since shifted my mindset and believe that any form of movement is beneficial. I thoroughly enjoy taking walks now, and whether they are with Fritz, my husband, or alone, I appreciate the sense of serenity it provides me.

I decided to start downloading podcasts and listen to them while I walk after reading this article about resolutions. I finally started listening to the Serial series (I know, I feel like I am the last person on the planet to experience them!) Once the rain cleared up, I decided to walk for an hour, listening intently to the series. It was so refreshing, and a change of pace (no pun intended…) to have an active activity to look forward to this week.

I am also a huge fan of My Favorite Murder. I completely crack up over their morbid and raunchy humor. I plan to put this series in my podcast line up.

Do you have any simple tips or changes you can share that help you feel more balanced? Or any podcasts you enjoy? I would love to hear them!


Happy Friday,

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