What do you do before an interview?

Interviews can be extremely stressful. I can attest, because I have been interviewing and changing jobs on what feels like a biennial basis. When I heard my younger brother say he had an interview for a graduate school program last week, I racked my brain for something tangible or words of advice I could offer him.  I settled on sending him a video clip. It’s the same one that a dear friend had sent me a few years ago before an interview. It has become part of my go-to routine before any interview, and it has significantly boosted my confidence and eased my anxiety.

The video clip I am gushing about is a TED Talk by Amy Cuddy, a Social Psychologist and Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, which has been viewed over 38 million times. It highlights the importance of our non-verbal communication in our interactions with others and, most importantly, ourselves.

Cuddy does an incredible job of unpacking the social psychology of non-verbal communication and gives it’s watchers applicable skills to take away from her TED Talk. The science and research to support the “power pose,” which includes a decrease in cortisol and increase in testosterone, is proof enough to have me doing the superwoman pose in the elevator on my way into an interview.

I will also admit, I cry 100% of the time I watch this video. I can completely relate to Amy Cuddy’s personal disclosure about feeling like a “phony” or that “I don’t belong here.” I think it’s a belief we can all relate to at one point or another, especially going into an interview for a highly coveted job. What I love most is her idea of not faking it until you make it, but faking it until you become it.

Even if you don’t have an interview, I highly recommend watching this clip if it’s new to you. It has a beautiful message that can that benefit just about anyone.


P.S. My brother was accepted 🙂  Congrats, Zack – so proud of you!

image // unsplash

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